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recertCRNA strives to be the premier continuing education website for progressive and busy CRNAs. We offer preapproved class A CE credits in multiple categories; there is something for you as well.
We are dedicated to microlearning, so no long tedious courses and extended tests at the end. Instead single-question Mini-Quiz after each short segment. Done with that segment.
Our dedication to mLearning means you can complete our courses on any device, any time, anywhere. 
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Anesthesia Review for SRNAs

Storm Anesthesia | recertCRNA offer a full Anesthesia Review Course online. Our Review Course consists of 12 video courses with accompanying eBooks and Workbooks.
Enroll to this exciting course for 3 years for a HUGE discount. 
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This is recertCRNA strives to be the
premier continuing educational website for CRNAs
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