Frequently asked questions

Who are recertCRNA?

recertCRNA launched April 1st 2021. Nope, not an April fools joke!
Michael Storm, DNAP, CRNA and his wife Annette N Storm, MNA, CRNA are the daily management of recertCRNA.

The real backbone of the business are its contributors. Initially, Michael convinced (very easy to do) several CRNA friends about the great adventure it would be to join forces and bring quality continuing education material to our fellow CRNAs. 

What is recertCRNA?

Michael envisioned the idea while writing review material for nurse anesthesia residents, a group he has been teaching since 2006. 

When his business partner bowed out in 2013, he started a new review course business with his wife Annette, who graduated as a CRNA in 2012.

While Michael is the primary driver in the business, without Annette the company would not be in business today. Annette and our good friend Kevin LeBlanc, PhD, CRNA picked up where his old partner left off, and eventually Annette took over from Kevin. For several years, Annette and Michael have been a tremendous husband/wife team, teaching several review courses each year.

During the summer/fall of 2020 while writing on his Storm Anesthesia Review book, Michael thought it was a "waste" to just present all this information to nurse anesthesia residents. While the resident group was the initial target for his writing, over the years the writing has gradually changed to include material well suited for continuing education credits for CRNAs.

How is recertCRNA different?

recertCRNA is dedicated to mLearning and microlearning. 

mLearning is short for mobile learning, where the learner is able to access the learning material on any device and at any time.

microlearning is breaking down the teaching into small segments, instead of being responsible for the full content in a single sitting.

recertCRNA has taken this concept a step further by adding the Mini-Quiz. We teach a short video segment and then immediately follow the video with a single-question Mini-Quiz. After passing the Mini-Quiz, they are easy, the material just covered is history and the learner has now been tested on the material. No extended test at the end of the course. A single-question Mini-Quiz after each short video segment is all we do. 

All our videos are HD videos available online or on our Android or Apple app. Both apps are available for free in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.