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Welcome to recertCRNA

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recertCRNA is all about online learning and making it easy and simple for you

Awesome CRNAs

This Welcome to recertCRNA course is meant to help you navigate through our courses. All our courses are build the same and you will progress through our courses the same way.

What's included?

  • Multiple Sections
  • Many Video
  • Just Enough Questions
  • 1 Certificate

The Course is Self Guided

Throughout the course all you have to do is follow along, answer simple questions, and occasionally click "submit" or "next".

You can pause at any time, although we suggest you pause after a Mini-Quiz. Pausing at this time will guarantee you do not have to remember any of the covered material for the next Mini-Quiz. 

When Done

After the final Mini-Quiz, as always a single question, you are done with all the testing required by AANA. 

You will arrive at the Learner Assessment and Course Evaluation page. This is an AANA requirement and you must fill it out to receive your Certificate of Completion. 
Meet the instructor

Michael Storm, Owner recertCRNA

Michael will guide you through the navigation options for the courses offered by recertCRNA. 

The course navigation is the same for all our courses and is very simple and intuitive. 
Patrick Jones - Course author