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Neuro Anesthesia - Anatomy and Physiology


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Neuro A&P

Michael Storm

Neuro Anesthesia Anatomy and Physiology is the first of two neuro courses. This course covers the anatomy and physiology, and the next neuro course, Head and Neck, covers more advanced principles of neuro anesthesia.

What's included?

  • 10 Sections
  • 7 Videos
  • 7 Mini-Quizzes
  • Each Mini-Quizz is a single question - easy
  • Esay, Simple, and Straightforward Questions
  • Possible to retake all mini-quizzes up to three times
  • 1.25 Class A CE credit
  • 1 Certificate of Completion
  • recertCRNA uploads credits to AANA

I Never Do Neuro Cases!

Even if you never do neurosurgical anesthesia, neuro is still very pertinent to your everyday anesthesia. What happens in the brain affects everything we do when we do anesthesia. We know that, although some may believe that a neuro course is only if you do neurosurgical anesthesia.
Cranial nerves and their function, CMR and ICP, brain compliance, brain perfusion, and so much more is also relevant to our everyday anesthesia. These concepts do affect your anesthesia for the non-neuro cases.

Will I Learn Anything I Need?

The quick and easy answer is: absolutely. Unless you teach neuro A&P to your students on a daily basis, I am sure this course will refresh your memory on many important concepts regarding neuro anesthesia.
Michael Storm, DNAP, CRNA makes neuro anesthesia concepts seem easy and straightforward. In this course he covers the basic anatomy and physiology of neuro anesthesia, which are applicable to everyday anesthesia for any procedure.
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Meet the instructor

Michael Storm

Michael Storm, DNAP, CRNA, graduated from the University of South Carolina Nurse Anesthesia Program in 2005 with his Master of Nurse Anesthesia. In 2016 he earned his Doctorate of Nurse Anesthesia Practice from Missouri State University.

Since 2006 he has been helping anesthesia students pass boards after starting a review course business in 2006 along with his two study partners. In 2013 he went on his own with Storm Anesthesia. Michael teaches anesthesia residents in the OR and has helped numerous nurse anesthesia residents pass the NCE doing his on-site or virtual review courses. Michael has a passion for teaching, keeping his nose in the textbooks, and has stopped counting the number of textbooks in his library, but rather measuring by feet, currently >16 feet of textbooks. Yep, he is a little nerdy!

Michael loves snow skiing and is a fully certified PSIA ski instructor outside anesthesia. He feels relaxed when sailing on Lake Murray in their 25-foot sailboat, enjoys hikes in the mountains or anywhere outdoors, and pre-pandemic, you could find him and his wonderful wife Annette traveling all over.
Michael Storm, DNAP, CRNA