DR. Storm, CRNA

We Launched - Still Awaiting AANA

Hey - we launched, although we are still awaiting AANA approval of all our courses. Well, what can you say. So, instead of crying over others, we decided this delay will be to your benefit. 
We have decided to offer a special with 60% off on all our courses until AANA gives their approval. 


This special will expire when we receive the approval from AANA, which should come within the next 30 days; we hope. We really do not know, since AANA do not keep us in the loop on what is going on. But we are hopeful.

We are still working through the learning curve with social media marketing. That is a much more difficult beast than anything else, IMHO. But, as a former colleague told me today, you maintain your brain cells you must embrace ZPD - Zone of Proximal Development. The ZPD has something to do with skills that a person can perform with assistance but cannot yet perform independently. In other words, that person, ME, is still learning. But learning is good. As CRNAs we all embrace the concept of lifelong learning within our specialty, anesthesia. I am now embracing the additional learning of marketing. Very cool.
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Did we mention, we will even throw an extra 10% discount in, if you buy all our courses as a bundle. You still get all 9.25 Class A CE credits, no discount on the credits. 
Make sure you take full advantage of the slow approval process. When we receive AANA approval these discounts will disappear.