Spring is here

Dr. Storm, CRNA

What do you know! Spring is on us here in the south. We have the most beautiful weather with temperatures into the 80s. Today is the last day of our week of vacation, and we have enjoyed it to the fullest. We have been sailing in our sailboat almost every day, and the wind and sun have been fantastic. Additionally, we have been able to catch up on a lot of loose ends at home. Things are being put off all the time, but this week we could do a lot of those chores. My wife is thrilled!

Tomorrow it is back to work - but certainly refreshed.
recertCRNA.com is now fully functional and launched. AANA has approved all our courses for Class A CE credits. We currently have a total of 9.25 Class A CE credits available.
You do not have to buy all of our courses; you can mix and match as you like. We do offer a bundle discount on top of our launch discount. You will save a good deal of money if you buy now during April. The prices will go up come May.

Are you ready for online courses?

recertCRNA offers online learning. All our courses are for the active CRNA that is too busy to go to a conference or even sit for hours in front of the computer to finish their credits. 

We offer short video sections immediately followed by a single-question Mini-Quiz. Of course, you have three attempts to pass this Mini-Quiz, although we feel confident you won't need that. 

Our Mini-Quizzes are easy, simple, and straightforward. The way it should be!

When you are ready for a quick learning session, head over the recertCRNA.com and signup for a course, we have a great variety; at the moment, we have 9.25 Class A CE credits for you. We have even more coming. Currently, we have three different CRNAs working hard on new courses.

Angela Ciuca, DNPA, CRNA, is working on her Ph.D., where she is investigating early markers of acute kidney injury during surgery. She will present a course on this exciting topic soon.

Jordan Coleman, MNA, CRNA, is working on regional anesthesia foundations and brachial plexus blocks. His courses will also be available soon. 

Finally, John Stas, DNAP, CRNA, is working on more regional anesthesia. John Stas is a well renowned CRNA within the regional community. He has been doing regional anesthesia for years and taught these techniques to many, many nurse anesthesia residents, CRNAs, and physician anesthesiologists over the years. His course is coming soon as well.

Please keep coming back to recertCRNA.com and check out our offerings. You are sure to find something that will interest you.

Now you need to go outside and enjoy the sun!