Is Live

Dr. Storm, CRNA

We finally made fully live. Well, "fully" is with a small caveat since AANA still has not approved our courses. Without AANA approval, we are not allowed to sell our courses. We decided to make the site live anyway, just blocking the sales of our products! You can browse our course catalog and see what we offer. Our pricing is published, although we do plan to launch with a big launch-discount. Share your email address, and we will keep you in the loop on when AANA allows us to go fully live.

One of the keys to our courses is their short sections. We only teach 8 to 12 minutes in each section, followed by a single-question Mini-Quiz. That's it. Now you can continue or come back the next time you have a few minutes to spare. You do not have to worry about what you already learned; your testing on that learning is done. Now that is easy and practical. How often have you been halfway through a lecture, just to be interrupted by family or having to do a case? Me too. Way too often. Often I had to repeat some of the lectures or actually listen to the whole thing again because I could not find the correct answer on the final test. No more. With recertCRNA courses, you only do a short section each time, and then you move on with your day, whether that is back to family life or doing your next case — easy, simple, and straightforward learning.

All our courses are a-la-carte purchase. You do not have to commit to a course you do not care for, are not interested in at the moment, or do not have time to watch. You only commit to the number of courses that are relevant for you and that you have time to complete. Each course will have the longest possible time before expiration and you can see when it expires before you buy. No surprises.

recertCRNA will obviously upload your CE credits to the AANA portal when you have finished the course. We also give you the option to download a certificate of completion for your own records.

We still have contributors working on courses and will obviously launch these along the way when they are ready. We also encourage you to contact us if you are as passionate about teaching anesthesia as we are. We always have room for other passionate nurse anesthesia educators.

OK, back to working on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for our website. Always something to learn.

Have a great day.