After Bobby graduated, he worked as a CRNA until the summer of 2019, when he took the plunge to quit anesthesia. He founded On Call Capital, LLC, an equity investment firm that focuses on providing alternative investment opportunities for busy healthcare professionals. The company's goal is to provide passive income and build generational wealth for its clients. They are currently invested in cash-flowing, multifamily real estate in multiple U.S. markets.
In March 2021, he started Plan B CRNA Podcast, which has more than 60 episodes posted. The Plan B CRNA Podcast presented by On Call Capital is a show that highlights CRNAs who are finding success outside of their traditional anesthesia careers. Through real experiences and stories, he explores various side hustles and mindset topics to help listeners choose their best lifestyle. Bobby is quite a busy man.

Our Conversation

Today we were able to hook up for an informal conversation via Zoom. Our conversation covered a significant amount of ground relating to me, my company, and my new adventure, In 2011, before graduating from UNC, my old company gave our review course to UNC Greensboro, and Bobby was there. Amazingly, he still has our old NARC 4U Manual.
Since Bobby reached out to me in April, I have been listening to some of his podcasts. It is fascinating to hear how CRNAs divest their time and plan for an alternative career away from anesthesia. You should give it a listen Plan B CRNA Podcast.
Our conversation will be released in a couple of weeks when Bobby has had a chance to edit and polish the podcast. Our conversation is available on YouTube and many podcasting platforms.
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