New Year - New Journey

Dr. Storm, CRNA

The year 2020 is winding down fast. We only have a few hours left and a brand new year 2021 will begin. I am sure many of us are looking forward to the new year this time. 2020 has not been the best in many aspects. The pandemic has made it difficult for a lot of people and their families.

Even for the people who still have jobs and have not lost family members to Covid, it is still strange and difficult not to visit with family and friends. Maintaining social distance is not the same as just socialize! My wife and I have been so lucky to receive the first vaccine injection several days ago. We will be getting the second in early 2021. Hopefully, bringing this vaccine to the main population will help to stop the spread of this dreadful disease. I truly hope that everyone offered the vaccine will accept the offer. Well, we know that will not happen. Unfortunately, this issue is much too politized to be just public health, even though there are no political barriers to this virus.

recertCRNA is starting to take shape. I have worked hard to find the best and most useful platform for this project. As mentioned in a previous post, I believe LearnWorlds is the one. I have been playing around with LW for a while, and I still like it. It gives me the possibilities I think I will need now and down the line when developing the site. Not only does it look beautiful, but it is also straightforward to work with and has so many capabilities for creating inspiring content. I believe interactional content will play a significant part in our future learning. Personally, I find it pretty boring to just watch a video of someone speaking to me. It does not make it much better, even when the message they bring is valuable. I still find it boring. If I could interact with the speaker, or at least the speaker's presentation, I would pay more attention along the way. Thus, I would learn a whole lot more. I want our presentations to be interactive. This interactivity is obviously more time consuming when creating presentations, and we will be adding this interactivity down the line when we learn how to do it properly. But, lookout, you will soon find even more inspiring content on recertCRNA.

Happy New Year to y'all!