Dr. Storm, CRNA

New Year - New Hope

We finally exited 2020. What a year we had. i hope all of you are feeling the relief of moving forward into 2021. This year can only be a better year than the last. Or, so we hope.

recertCRNA are moving along with rapid speed. I have fully settled on the platform and believe LearnWorlds will be fantastic. I am also working hard on the first presentations that I will be responsible for. Physics for Nurse Anesthesia is my first topic. I am converting my physics book to a CRNA physics presentation. I am also dividing it into two levels of "difficulty". Not that physics is difficult, but I am sure some CRNAs do not feel the need to go very deep into physics. For this group, I am making the first presentation more of the basic needs we all have when we do anesthesia. Then I will add a "Beyond the Basics" later. I think this will work well for most.I have also contacted a group of CRNAs I feel could contribute some great content to the project. They have all expressed interest, and most of them have signed on to make presentations for recertCRNA.

That is so exciting. Everyone I have spoken to have told me that this seems to be a great project, and they are happy to join me on this adventure. I can only say this makes me even more passionate about recertCRNA and the future of the project.

Let's rock it!