New Survey Page

Dr. Storm, CRNA

A new and exciting feature has been added to our courses.

AANA requires us to collect a Learner Assessment and Course Evaluation for them to consider the learning activity complete. We have struggled making this requirement simple, easy, and straightforward for you, our learners. 
This is no longer the case. We have implemented a much simpler and easier tool.
In the past had to have the learner download a PDF file, fill it out on their computer, for then upload it back to our website. Easy to do, but still very cumbersome. No more. 
Our new tool allows us to make the Learner Assessment and Course Evaluation pop up tight on the course page you are already on. No more downloading a PDF, filling it out, and uploading it back to our website. You now just click a couple of radio buttons on the page, click submit, and you are all done. Easy, simple, and straightforward. The way it should be.
We have added this new Learner Assessment and Course Evaluation to all our courses, and the new assessment and evaluation is now an integral part of each course.

Help instructors improve

recertCRNA still stores the assessment and evaluation on our server for any audit by AANA. We have to capability to print each assessment and evaluation individually or as a congregate for AANA.
We can run sophisticated reports and analysis on all these assessments and evaluations so we can improve our courses. We can then share this learner feedback with the individual instructor for them to learn what could be improved in future courses. Super exciting for us and our learners.