Dr. Storm, CRNA

Microlearning, a form of mLearning, is learning in small segments instead of long lectures. When learning is consumed in small segments, it is possible for the learner to divide the learning into time periods convenient to them. Now add a simple testing mechanism, the Mini-Quiz, following each short segment, and learning is suddenly convenient.
Learning becomes something you do when you have a few minutes but not a full day.
Most conventional online learning is watching or listening to extended lectures. If the learning requires an assessment, eg, testing, most of these tests are therefore long and covers material taught at the beginning of the lecture. This makes it hard, if not impossible, to remember what was taught in the beginning of the lecture. If the learner had to pause the learning to tend to a child at home, cook dinner, or pick up from baseball practice, it may be some time before it is possible to resume the learning. In the best scenario a few hours but more likely several days, or maybe it has to wait till next week. It should be obvious that this will be detrimental for the learning process. Recalling the material covered will be difficult if not impossible for many.
A much better concept is learning and testing in small bite-sized segments. This is called microlearning.

recertCRNA embraces microlearning, in fact the whole concept around recertCRNA is microlearning. We believe in the concept of having small segments of learning presented, which will allow the learner to consume their learning during a small time period at their convenience. In contrast, with conventional online learning, the learner had to set aside a significantly long time period for uninterrupted learning to cover the material presented for them. Very few CRNAs have many of these uninterrupted time periods for learning. Life comes in the way for that.
The ability to learn anywhere is equally important for convenient learning. This is called mobile learning, or mLearning. mLearning was coined in 1970 and is currently defined as the ability to learn through mobile devices, eg, phones, tablets, and laptops. mLearning focuses on the mobility of the learner, their freedom of movement, and the ability to continue learning across different platforms. This enables a learner to continue the learning journey independent of which media is available.

Follow a short learning segment with a quick and simple assessment, the Mini-Quiz, and recertCRNA has taken the microlearning a significant step forward. We do not wait till the end of the course to test the learner. Just like learning in small bites is much more palatable, assessing this learning (an AANA requirement) make sense to do in equally small bites - a single question at a time.
The Mini-Quiz is a single-question test. It assesses the just covered material and it thus easy, simple, and straightforward, The way it should be.
Each Mini-Quiz can be taken several times (AANA allows three times for each test) if necessary, thus there is not need to be nervous about testing.
Current science supports the benefit of simple but frequent testing. Testing after each short segment of learning will enhance the learner's ability to absorb the material better. 
Thus our Mini-Quiz is the best tool for any learner to fulfill the AANA assessment requirement.

In Summary

recertCRNA is an continuing education platform adhering the the newest and most efficient learning methods. We have dedicated our whole platform to microlearning and mLearning. We embrace the easy, simple, and straightforward assessment. 
AND, we do this whether it is on your computer at home or the app on your phone or tablet. Our app will launch this Fall 2021.