LearWorlds LMS

Dr. Storm, CRNA
I have now played with LearnWorlds LMS for five days, and I still like it a lot. It gives me all the tools that I believe I will need for the website and testing functionality. That is very promising. All other platforms I tried fairly quickly showed some weakness or none-starter feature that meant I had to abandon and keep searching. I have enjoyed experimenting with so many interesting platforms, and without the failures, I would not have known about what is out there. There are some amazing platforms with so many awesome features that it blows your mind! 🤯 I think I have found what I am looking for in LearnWorlds

The one downside of these amazing platforms is the price. They are very expensive! Certainly not for everyone, and I have to think hard about signing up for all the features that I would like to have. Can my website generate enough income to pay for the platform? Can I entice enough great CRNAs to help me with building content? Without amazing content, even the most amazing platform will fail as a business! Nobody pays for an amazing platform; smart CRNAs want awesome content. I know that because that is what I want.

What is it that I like about LearnWorlds? Well, I really like the same in many of the platforms I have tried: the ease of uploading and designing the look of the website. This is very different than what I am used to with the other website platform I have used in the past. Even though I like the old platform, I have to say, this new system of just dragging and dropping "stuff" is very easy and you can immediately see how it looks. Another aspect I like is the testing ability of LearnWorlds. Most of the online teaching platforms I have checked cater to simple quizzes, without the ability to make the testing an exam (pass/fail). AANA requires a pass/fail exam. What I am launching on April 1st is what AANA calls a Provider-Directed Independent Study or PDIS website. For the learner to receive credit for their time spent on studying the material they must take a small exam at the end, which is required to be graded and passed with a minimum score of 80%. I also must show the learner which answers were the correct ones after they take the test. These requirements seem minor and I thought all teaching platforms had them, but noo! Most do not have these capabilities. Thus, the long road to find LearnWorlds.

Couldn't I just have paid someone else to do this work? Sure, but again it comes down to money. 🤑 I am financing this project out of my own pocket, timewise, and financially. So, it is imperative to do most of the work myself. Yes, time is money, but I have more time than money at the moment. And, I actually really have enjoyed the journey.

Enough for today. Stay safe y'all.