Hello Anesthesia World!

Dr. Storm, CRNA

Well, here I go.

I am Michael Storm, DNAP, CRNA, CCRN, and I am launching a continuing education website for CRNAs.
I have been teaching anesthesia students, well residents, since I graduated from my own anesthesia program in 2005. Our initial class was the year after graduation, where we taught the class below us.

Initially, we in my study group launched Nurse Anesthesia Review Course 4U or NARC 4U for short. We had studied together for the length of the program and had just passed boards all of us. During the many hours we spent together studying, we felt that there should be an alternative to the existing review classes on the market.

We thought we could add to the pool of review courses being offered. We also did not feel that the products available at that time were the absolute best. Most of the material we were presented with from these businesses was quite dated. So despite the content being all right, we felt it was frustrating to have to spend hours finding the source of their information when we disagreed with the author. And we disagreed ever so often! Yep, we were pretty nerdy. Actually, we were proud of that - we still are.
NARC 4U closed shop in 2013, and I decided to continue teaching on my own. Well, let me rephrase that. I decided to continue teaching and start a new review course business because my wife decided she would help me out. Annette had recently graduated as a CRNA and was willing to help with the teaching. Also, my old study mate and NARC 4U business partner agreed to pitch in. So, with their help, I felt I had enough support to continue what I love - teaching anesthesia. Storm Anesthesia was born.

We have been teaching hundreds of anesthesia residents over the years. This has been a blessing, and we still love what we do. Bringing knowledge to others is just so much fun. It also helps us stay fresh and in the books. Anesthesia residents ask so many questions! Many of these are hard to answer without really digging deep into our brains. But it is all good. Love it.

Now, many of my colleagues have asked me over the years when I will be teaching them! Not quite sure why they would like that, but I take it as a compliment. So during this pandemic, where it is complicated and nerve-racking to attend a conference in person, it seems like a good time to bring all the material we have written over the years to the CRNAs. After all, there is nothing wrong with basic and advanced anesthesia principles. These never go out of fashion.

Over the last 3+ years, I have re-written (with help from my wife) all the material we use during our teaching. Our course manual was getting a little dated, although still up-to-date. With all this new and immensely expanded material, I think the timing is right to enter the CRNA market. Thus, recertCRNA.com.

That is all for today. I will keep everybody interested in what is going on with recertCRNA over the next couple of months, where I create presentations and ready my new website. In the meantime, you can still visit my Storm Anesthesia website: stormanesthesia.com, where we sell some sweet books.

Oh, I expect to go live with recertCRNA.com on April 01, 2021.