Frustration and Excitement

Dr. Storm, CRNA

Wow, this is much harder than I thought it would be. All the platforms I have researched, including LearnWorlds that I thought was great, have significant shortcomings. What I consider simple functions are not supported! I spent a lot of time back in November and December deciding on a suitable platform that would be able to give me all the necessary features AANA requires. Well, I settled on LearnWorlds, and mostly it does what I need.

The big but for all these platforms is they all cater to casual online teachers. Although they claim otherwise, none of them cater to online teachers like, governed by a national organization, ie, AANA, and NBCRNA. This field is relegated to web designers who take care of the back-end of the website business. This is expensive and somewhat prohibitive for a small vendor like that is a brand new upstart. So we have to find ways to circumvent these shortcomings, which is time-consuming and frustrating.

Well, enough about the difficulties of starting a business.

Overall, this adventure is very, very exciting. I am amazed at the support I have received from the CRNA colleagues I have approached to produce courses. Almost all of them have found this adventure exciting and accepted the challenge. I know how time-consuming it is to make quality presentations. Anyway, these excellent CRNA have all accepted the work. And only a very few have backed out after thinking it over. I am very impressed and also very encouraged. I think we have something special coming up. will be a genuinely premier online learning hub.