App Approved

Dr. Storm, CRNA

Our app is now approved by both Google and Apple. We are excited to launch all our fantastic courses to y'all inside our app.
The app is free to download for all. After downloading the app and logging in to your account, you will be able to see all your courses inside the app. You can also buy more courses right in the app, although you may get a better deal on the website.
After writing about the difficulties with the approval process, the app is now approved and available on both the Google and Apple platform.
You can download the Android app in the Google Play Store here.
You can download the Apple app in the Apple App Store here.

Why An App?

recertCRNA is embracing and dedicated to mLearning and microlearning. We believe this kind of learning is the future of continuing education. 
Why, you may ask! Well, none of us have significant free time sitting around just waiting to be filled. We think the majority of CRNAs have a busy life and many time robbing responsibilities. Consequently, finding time to keeping up with the AANA requirements for license renewal can be difficult.

Obtaining the required number of CE credits should be easy, simple, and straightforward. That is exactly what we at recertCRNA believes, and why we work so hard to make that happen. Our courses are easy, simple, and straightforward. The way it should be.
Our new app is just another step in making the chore of obtaining your CE credits easier. With our app on your phone, tablet, or other device, you can complete your course anywhere and anytime you have a few minutes available.
We all have these short moments of time where we could do a partial CE course, but rarely enough time to finish the full course. All recertCRNA's courses are microlearning; short video segments, followed by a single-question Mini-Quiz. That way you do not have to finish the full course in one sitting. You can come back and the material already covered and tested will be history. No extended test at the end. 
Easy, simple, and straightforward. The way it should be.