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The PSSA course is the product of the partnership between Michael Storm, Peter Strube, and Matthew Zinder.
You will be guided by Dr. Strube throughout your learning experience. This concierge experience may just be your ticket to becoming a CRNA.
Peter and Matthew are very experienced tutors for nurse anesthesia residents that may feel they struggle didactically or clinically. Over the past 12 years Peter and Matthew have tutored more than 1,000 nurse anesthesia residents to successfully pass the NCE (boards). Michael, with Storm Anesthesia, brings his IT platform, online courses, and textbooks to the team.
When you sign up with our tutoring service you will be supported by not just a single person, but rather a team of experienced CRNAs. Our team has extensive experience with struggling nurse anesthesia residents and their families, whether the issue is didactic, clinical, or emotional.

What's included?

  • Concierge tutoring service by Peter Strube
  • 12 Video Courses
  • 149 Videos ~ 21 hours
  • 12 eBooks
  • 453 graded questions
  • 12 Workbooks for download
  • 1165 Test-Yourself Questions
  • 36 months of access, or until you pass Boards
  • Printed  version of Storm Anesthesia Review Vol. I+II, which include additional chapters
  • Printed version of Physics & Chemistry for Nurse Anesthesia, which includes a chapter on chemistry

Easy Access for 36 months

The Storm Anesthesia Review. This course is the expanded online version of the review course we have taught since 2006.
Hundreds of nurse anesthesia students have benefitted from our in-person review course. We now offer it online for easy access.

You will have full access for 36 months, or until you pass Boards. As long as you are pursuing your dream of becoming a CRNA, we have your back.

Study on Your Time

No need to come to us - we allow you access to the full content of our Review Course on your computer, phone, or tablet—any device you own.
You can access all 12 modules on your computer, tablet, or phone.
You may download the extensive PDF file for each module. This file contains all the slides, images, and plenty of room for note-taking while you follow along in the videos.

Your time. Your choice.

Concierge Service

This course gives you full concierge tutoring service by Peter Strube, DNAP, CRNA. Dr. Strube has more than seven years of experience tutoring struggling nurse anesthesia residents in successfully preparing and passing Boards.

Matthew Zinder, MS, CH, CRNA, brings his wealth of experience with the mental side of a successful nurse anesthesia journey. "Experts" often ignore the mental side of being successful in nurse anesthesia school. The focus on mindfulness by Matthes is vital to your success. As you already have realized, being on top of your game is much more than studying the textbooks.

The team behind PSSA will be there for you and your family for the entirety of the time until you pass the Boards.
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“This is the most pivotal academic decision I’ve made in choosing to work with Peter Strube. I could not have done it without his help. He provided me with motivation, a plan to follow and consistent encouragement and mentoring. I also was in a time crunch and his positive attitude is what kept me focused. I have passed my exam and the biggest stress has been lifted off my shoulders. I would highly recommend Peter and his approach.”
"Today I have the best feeling which is due to passing my boards after multiple attempts. This was accomplished after getting on board with Peter Strube. Peter has a board prep that works. After using three review board programs and multiple attempts at taking boards, Peter and Prodigy review combined together, were able to give me all the tools in order to be successful. I hope you can get to the sooner than later and save the grief and wasted time that I experienced. It was a struggle, but it is so worth it if you can do exactly what Peter tells you! I wish I had found him BEFORE I took boards the first time."
"In an unfortunate turn of events, I found myself unable to pass the National Certification Exam. After three months of focused studying post-graduation, utilizing resources such as APEX, I decided to pursue additional support in order to accomplish my goal of becoming a licensed Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). Through the incorporation of Prodigy, Peter’s program offered a daily structured practice-exam schedule that helped to mentally condition me for the 170 questions seen on boards, illuminate knowledge deficits, and focus my independent studying. In the end, I passed boards and officially became a licensed CRNA. The positive reinforcement that Peter, and his program, provided was a part of that success."

Anne's Personal Story

“For almost two years, passing the NCE has been my top priority. I spent countless hours studying, and I was a fixture in local libraries. After failing the first time, I was advised to "change something", so I attacked the NCE differently after each attempt, utilizing a different resource and following my own daily plans. Over the course of 7 failed attempts, I had attended Valley (twice) and Core Concepts (plus practice exams), used Apex (twice), re-read Morgan & Mikhail, and reviewed numerous practice question booklets. I frequently used the Valley Sweat Book and Memory Master, as well as my meticulously organized Valley flash cards. I also made hundreds of my own index cards to reinforce topics, some laminated and some colorful works of art. None of these methods led me to the success that I had worked relentlessly to achieve. My strength, confidence, and drive were tested daily, but I was determined to pass the NCE. 

I casually looked for a tutor after the first failure and searched progressively more intently every attempt thereafter. I asked my program administrators, future boss, preceptors, and anyone else who might be able to connect me with a tutor. I sought hypnosis, performance therapy, and consulted peers who had been successful after failing. To stay motivated, I started following influential SRNAs/CRNAs and accounts about anesthesia/pharmacology, as well as inspiring accounts like 'GoalCast' on Instagram. After my 7th failure, I felt as if I had exhausted my study resources and I felt lost with little hope and no plan. I googled "failed 7th NCE" in hopes of finding anything enlightening... this led me to an blog with a brief comment at the very bottom, which eluded to a discrete facebook group intended for GRNAs who struggled with the NCE. After an extensive search, I finally found -and promptly joined- this group. It is here that I ultimately stumbled upon a post by Peter Strube: a testimonial from one of his students. A felt an instant wave of relief; this was the light at the end of the tunnel that I desperately needed to see. I suddenly felt hopeful and excited to tackle my final attempt at making my dream of becoming a CRNA a reality. 

Peter quickly responded within 15 minutes of my message, and within an hour we were discussing the details of my experiences and his tutoring services. That same day I was introduced to a CRNA/Hypnotherapist who provided guidance and resources to facilitate daily meditations. Peter also connected me with a couple of his successful students, who inspired and comforted me as I embarked on my final NCE journey under Peter's direction. I was sincerely impressed with his organization, experience, and we both were eager to get started. I reached out to Peter on February 4th, and officially started his program on February 9th. Despite living in two different time zones, Peter was always responsive, and communication was incredibly easy. He checked in with me almost daily, and his positive attitude helped to transform my fears and doubts into renewed confidence. During moments of weakness, Peter guided me to a more constructive mindset. 

Peter's program took away the burden of creating my own daily study routine and helped me deal with my debilitating testing anxiety. In 2 months, I took over 70 practice exams, thoroughly covered all exam topics, and benefitted from daily meditations. I spent about the same amount of time studying each day as I had during previous attempts, but this time I was studying smarter. On exam day, some of the best time spent was using meditation to calm my nerves, as advised by Peter. When the computer shut off, I was equally nervous and excited to see the results. Tears of joy, relief, and utter happiness flowed as 2 years of soul-crushing efforts finally culminated into the result I had worked so hard for. I went from failing in 100 Q's to passing in 100 Q's! This was all I had wanted since graduation, and I still feel light as a feather without the weight of this exam hanging over me every minute of every day. 

Peter was the first person I shared the incredible news with after my exam; if not for him I may not have ever had the opportunity to feel the bliss of success after so many failures. My entire family is incredibly grateful to Peter...he truly helped me get my life back on track, and I finally feel like 'Me' again. I commend Peter on the motive behind his hard work; it is clear that he sincerely cares about the well-being and success of every single student. As anyone in a similar position knows, failing the NCE is devastating, embarrassing and is not indicative of one's ability to provide excellent care or administer anesthesia safely. Some CRNAs who may not have experienced this failure unknowingly shame people like me who have struggled, but Peter is the type who sees your strength and wants to help. He is a wonderful example of how CRNAs should lift each other up and support one another. I can only assume that Peter is an awesome CRNA, but I can attest to the fact that he is an exemplary human being. 

Thanks to the help, guidance, and encouragement from Peter Strube, I can FINALLY call myself a CRNA! This is the most amazing feeling in the world, and I am so grateful to have found Peter, who paved a straight path to success after so many windings, discouraging detours. I strongly encourage all my fellow resilient GRNAs to invest in yourself by working with Peter - I believe it will bring you renewed hope, direction, and ultimately success. 

In admiration of his actions, I will happily be available to any struggling GRNAs who have questions, concerns, or simply need a reminder that they are not alone during what may feel like a very isolating period. I believe in you, just like Peter believed in me. 


Meet the instructor

Peter D Strube

Peter Strube, DNAP, CRNA, MBA, FAANA is part of our nurse anesthesia community. Peter has joined forces with Storm Anesthesia to combine his excellent tutoring service with Storm Anesthesia courses and books. 
Peter is a CRNA who graduated from St. Mary’s University school of anesthesia in 2006 with a master’s degree. His undergraduate degree is from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.
Peter was awarded the Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia (DNAP) in June of 2017 and completed an MBA December 2020.
Lieutenant Colonel Strube is retired from the United States Army Nurse Corps. Dr. Strube has mobilized and deployed four times during current military operations which includes service in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
Peter currently is an Assistant Professor and Assistant Program Director at Newman University. 
Peter owns and operates Trollway Anesthesia that covers several critical access hospitals. He has authored several professional articles and training programs, speaks professionally both nationally and internationally.
Peter also tutors at risk Nurse Anesthesia Residents on their anesthesia boards.
Peter has served on the Wisconsin state association board and as AANA Region 3 Director. He has served his community as a member of the Mount Horeb Board of Education and is a Commissioner on the Dane County Ethics Board and is a court appointed mentor for veterans in crisis.
Peter Strube, DNAP, CRNA, MBA, MSNA, APNP, APRN, LTC(Retired), FAANA
Meet the instructor

Matthew Zinder

Matthew Zinder, MS, CH, CRNA has worked in some level of healthcare for 30 years, starting as an EMT in a volunteer fire station.

Matthew owns and operates a Maryland-based mobile anesthesia practice that has been in business since 1984.

He speaks at many professional conferences, both nationally and internationally, involving topics such as stress management, wellness, business of anesthesia, and the practice of anesthesia. He is the host and producer of The Provider Wellness Podcast where he speaks with experts involving healthcare provider well being and self-care.

Matthew is currently the President-Elect of the Maryland Association of Nurse Anesthetists, and an appointed member of the American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology Health & Wellness Committee.

He is adjunct faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University, Thomas Jefferson University, and Georgetown University Schools of Nurse Anesthesia.
Matthew Zinder, MS, CH, CRNA
Meet the instructor

Michael Storm

Michael Storm, DNAP, CRNA, graduated from the University of South Carolina Nurse Anesthesia Program in 2005 with his Master of Nurse Anesthesia. In 2016, he earned his Doctorate of Nurse Anesthesia Practice from Missouri State University.
Since 2006, he has been helping anesthesia students pass boards after starting a review course business in 2006 along with his two study partners. In 2013, he went on his own with Storm Anesthesia.
Michael continues teaching anesthesia residents in the OR and has helped numerous nurse anesthesia residents pass the NCE during his on-site or virtual review courses.
Michael has a passion for teaching, keeping his nose in the textbooks, and has stopped counting the number of books in his library, but rather measuring by feet, currently >16 feet of textbooks. Yep, he is a little nerdy!
When not engaged in anesthesia, Michael loves snow skiing and is a fully certified PSIA ski instructor. He feels relaxed when sailing on Lake Murray in their 25-foot sailboat, enjoys hikes in the mountains or anywhere outdoors, and you may find him and his wonderful wife Annette traveling the US and Europe.
Michael Storm, DNAP, CRNA