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OB Anesthesia Review

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Learn the basic concepts of OB anesthesia. Whether you work with OB on a daily basis or only do OB once in a while, Michelle will teach you what to expect in a modern high-risk OB suite. You will fell more comfortable with the occasional OB assignment after this great course by Michelle. 
Michelle is an experienced lead nurse anesthesiologist in her high-risk OB department.
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Some benefits of this course

After completing this course you will have a significant better insight in what to expect working with OB.

You will learn the basics

You will learn about the basics of OB and the flow in the OB department, but will also gain insight in how the thinking goes for the OB nurse anesthesiologists. 

Spinals and Epidurals

Do you remember how to do an epidural? A spinal? Well, Michelle will not cover how to do one, but she will cover how to deal with both these neuraxial blocks. 

Pharmacology in OB

You will learn about the drugs you can expect to be responsible for when on OB. Michelle will cover common and not so common drugs and their basic pharmacology. 
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