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2022 - Obstetric for Nurse Anesthesia Overview


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Annette N Storm

Obstetric overview for the seasoned CRNA and the student nurse anesthesiologist. Course is excellent for board and CPC review. 2022 - Obstetric for Nurse Anesthesia Overview is a great didactic refresher for OB. This course goes well together with the OB Anesthesia Review course, which is more hands on review.

What's included?

  • 13 Sections
  • 10 Videos
  • 10 Mini-Quizzes
  • Each Mini-Quizz is a single question - easy
  • Esay, Simple, and Straightforward Questions
  • 1 Workbook

OB for everyone

If you do OB every day, or you rarely do OB at all, this course will be a great refresher of the background knowledge needed if doing OB. This course covers many of the topics you will face in the OB department, and Annette gives you simple answers to your questions. Or, the questions you get asked by your students.

Refresh your memory

We never get too old to learn or relearn anesthesia. Annette will make sure you learn something in this course. Everybody will be able to refresh their obstetric knowledge base. It is difficult to keep up with the newest material in the anesthesia textbooks, which is why Annette has done the hard work for you.Listen in on her lectures and walk away with a refreshed memory.
Meet the instructor

Annette N Storm

Annette N Storm, MNA, CRNA is an outstanding CRNA that has been teaching OB for 7 years to nurse anesthesia students about to graduate.

Annette has been a CRNA for 9 years and has been teaching for Storm Anesthesia since 2013 when the company launched. Annette's expertise is within cardiac and electrophysiology.

Annette became an RN in Denmark in 1987 and in 1990 decided to explore nursing in the US. She convinced her boyfriend, Michael, to come along, so they would not one day be sitting in a nursing home rocking chair and wonder what if?

Annette is a very strong patient advocate and did not see herself become a CRNA when Michael decided to go back to school. No, she liked her bedside patients. Well, the best plan sometimes changes and Annette obtained her BSN in 2008 and became a CRNA in 2012. And not just graduated, but graduated with the program's highest honor, the Agatha Hodgins Award for Clinical and Academic Excellence. So much for not becoming a CRNA!

Annette enjoys her garden, although, she can often be seen sailing on Lake Murray, skiing in the Alps with family (she is an alpine ski instructor), hiking in the mountains, or just laying on the beach.
Annette enjoys the outdoors!
Annette N Storm, MNA, CRNA