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OB Anesthesia Review

Michelle Henry


OB Anesthesia Review

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OB Anesthesia Review is a course for anyone working in the OB department, whether you work there regularly or only once in a while. Michelle covers both basic and more interesting aspects of the OB anesthesia.
In this course Michelle will guide you through her day spent in the OB department. You will learn about the basic physiologic changes to expect, the delivery procedures normally encountered, the pharmacology involved, and much more. 
Michelle's laid back and no-nonsense style will make the information she delivers appear simple. 

What's included?

  • 14 Sections
  • 9 Videos
  • Each Mini-Quizz is a single question - easy
  • 9 Easy, Simple, and Straightforward Questions
  • Possible to retake all mini-quizzes up to three times
  • 1.5 Class A CE Credit
  • 1 Certificate of Completion
  • recertCRNA uploads credits to AANA

Why do you need this course?

Anybody that works in the OB department, even only occasionally, knows how challenging this assignment can be. Michelle will guide you into her world and let you in on the essentials of the OB anesthesia routine. Your basic knowledge will be refreshed and you may even pick up several points you have forgotten. 
Taking this course will certainly give you the knowledge to handle most days in your OB department.

What you will learn

Michelle will cover physiology, pharmacology including local anesthetics, spinals and epidurals, postoperative pain control, and complications you may experience whether SAB, epidural, or general anesthesia for this population. 
Meet the instructor

Michelle Henry

Although originally from outside of Boston; I have been a transplanted southerner since I moved to South Carolina to attend undergrad and fell in love with the warm weather and amazing people.
I graduated with my Masters in 2006 from the University of South Carolina; and started working at Palmetto Health Richland, now Prisma, in Columbia SC. I have been taking call from day 1 at the level 1 trauma center and trauma and OB are my two favorite kinds of cases! 
I’m a mom of 2 fantastic daughters who love all kinds of dance so in my time off I can be found driving carpool to the dance academy! I also love to volunteer, working in my garden, traveling and working out.
Michelle Henry, MNA, CRNA