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Basic Physics
for Nurse Anesthesia

Basic Physics for Nurse Anesthesia is Awesome
Have you suppressed the basic physic knowledge you once felt so proud of?
Are your residents asking you question you feel uncomfortable with?
Do you want to better understanding what is happening?
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Some benefits of this course

Michael Storm, DNAP, CRNA, CCRN covers many of the concepts you learned in anesthesia school, but have happily suppressed over the years. You utilize these concepts every day and you talk to your residents about them as well. Or, maybe, just maybe, you shy away from these discussions with your peers and residents because you feel unsure if you remember the basic physics. 
Do not feel this way. Commit to relearning the concepts of basic physics. 
Michael makes it easy and simply. There is nothing difficult about something you understand. Physics is magic, but it is not difficult. Let Michael help you conquer Basic Physics for Nurse Anesthesia. 

Learning at your own pace

recertCRNA's courses as paced very gently and you can finish as fast or slow as you please. 
Some feel physics is daunting! We get it. Taking this course will allow you to learn as much in one setting as you can take. Or, if you want, you may break it into many smaller sessions.
You are in charge.

Learn when you have time

You may learn whenever you have time. This course consists of 14 short sections. Each section is an entire course with it own Mini-Quiz at the end. This way you can come back and not have to worry about being tested on your previous learning. Your testing is done with a single easy, simple, and straightforward question.
This is easy and fun.

Your class is always open

Whenever you come back to this course it is waiting for you. And, you do not have to worry about testing "old" material.
Each section is followed by a Mini-Quiz with a single question that will satisfy the AANA testing requirements. You even have three attempts to get our easy, simple, and straightforward question right. No need to feel intimidated by our Mini-Quizzes. 
Come onboard and earn CE credits.
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